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Formula One 2010

The three pointed star has come full circle for Michael Schumacher. He began his climb to greatness on the shoulders of Mercedes-Benz and it is only fitting that, now, after seven world championships he returns to stand by the Silver Arrows' side. Built around the management experience of Ross Brawn, Nick Fry and Norbert Haug, the MERCEDES-BENZ GP PETRONAS team boasts a sound foundation. And finally, to remind the world that it is not all just heritage and history, stands the young, exciting and currently in seventh position - Nico Rosberg.

Drivers and Management - two out of three points in the Daimler Star. The third pinnacle of the star is Mercedes' new car, the MPG W01. Whilst the paint scheme was designed to be reminiscent of the first Silver Arrow which was christened in 1934, have no doubt that the MPG W01 is very much 2010 cutting edge technology.